The overlap of atoms symbolizes bond strengths, with C-H (brown) and O-O (dark blue) totaling 27 electron volts.  On combustion C-O (black) is a very strong bond and there is also H-O (green) totaling 35 eV.  The difference, 8 eV is “released” or made “available” for human economic use such as heating or driving a vehicle or generating electricity.  At the macro level a kilogram of natural gas delivers 20 megajoules of energy.  What we have overlooked in the past but now need to acknowledge is that the bonds we play with are a small subset of the coulombic forces within each set of atoms.  When the bonds are rearranged from 27eV to 35eV, in order to give of 8eV, they are only numerators and they beg denominators.  In context, in the environment, 27/464 has been changed to 35/456.  Entropy has increased, 5.8 to 7.7.


: https://www.coulterexergy.com/archives/987

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