A characteristic of internet messaging is that mostly it is untraceable.  If you get a message where the sender does not self-identify, you cannot go back “up the line”  to the origin.  This can be a big negative when the sender is criminal/terrorist etc.  It can also be advantageous if you have valuable information but don’t want to disclose the source.

Money is a bit like this.  We have money and no one except in certain parenting situations or very strict regimented regimes will ask where did you get the money from. Money has no identifiable history.  This is so obvious we do not worry about it

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, but it allows cheating.

Once money has been illgotten and then appears in a new setting, spending is welcomed.

Now the internet web has a new invention – blockchain.  Anyone entering the web and messaging leaves a trail where backtracking is blocked.  You take a step like making a new link in a chain, and that is recorded and unalterable.  Very good for people of good motives.

Can a money be created where its history is stamped?

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