Here is how I see it.  At highschool the boys were macho and egged each other on like Animal House (the movie Kavanah mentioned at hearing).  They did discuss two men having sex with a woman (devil’s triangle).  They did get very drunk.  Once they were very drunk and they tried it on Ford.  Note her strong recollection of them laughing at her expense.  Strong laughter.  They were enjoying the idea.  Very sick and twisted and driven by a desire, not of sexual gratification but to show off.  Fortunately they were so drunk she could escape.  Of course they remember.  Of course they deny it and in any sober situation would not try to gratify sex desires by rape, mainly because of the jail time it incurs.  And of course if sober would not show off by even starting the actions they did.

So it is very real for the 15 year old Ford, and real to this day.  To Kavanah and Judge it is a horror they wish never happened, and can only excuse that they were very very drunk, bordering on being physically incapable of rape.

One of the Yale class mates in the other accusation commented the boys were more intent on impressing each other than actually making a hit on the girls.

Kavanah knows he is lying and the reality is so horrible he wont admit.  It was not what would be classed as a “normal” attempt at rape driven by sexual desire

, but extreme need to have an incident to boast about.  Absolutely stupid and can be categorized as criminal.  That is what I think happened.  I can presume Kavanah went on to live a “normal” life after Yale and is in no danger of “more attempted raping”.  From the little we saw and heard on TV he does not seem fit to be on the Supreme Court.  Very phony.

: https://www.coulterexergy.com/archives/1859

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