Tuesday 1 September, 2009. China Ministry of Transport Freeway Reseach Conference. Presentation on Entropy of Road Traffic

Wednesday 2 September, International Conference on Nuclear Power, Beijing

Thursday 3 September, Heilongjiang Forestry Bureau, Harbin: Presentation on Payment for Environmental Services

Saturday 5 September, China National Development and Reform Commission, Ningxia Conference on Payment for Environmental Services

Sunday 27 September, Global Carbon Capture and Storage Institute, Workshop, Beijing

Week of  12 October Ministry of Water Resources National River Basin Resources Allocation Program

Friday/Saturday 16-17 October Minsitry of Environment Protection&Ministry of Water Resources Hai River Basin Analysis

Tuesday 20 October, China Mining Conference, Tianjin. Presentation of Environmental Impact

Thursday 22 October, Deadline for 3 articles in World Environment journal re Copenhagen Climate Change Conference

Thursday 22 October, Ministry of Water Resources meeting analysing economic instruments for allocation of water.

Tuesday 27 October, Alan Reid. BM

Tuesday 3 November, Dennis Robson, Robboattachments

Sunday 9 November, Prof Shi Lei, Tsinghua Uni

Wednesday-Thursday 11-12 November Lawrence Berkeley Nationa Labs 2 day workshop at Peking Uni on Carbon Capture & Storage.

Tuesday 17 November Ministry of Water Resources meeting on marginal costs of water

Wednesday 18 November Water Technology Expo, Beijing

Saturday 27 November Tribute to Frank Siegel at Franks Place

Monday 30 November. deadline for abstracts for International Society of Ecological Economics 2010 Conference.

Monday 18 January 2010, Professor Shi Lei, Tsinghua Uni

Thursday 28 January 2010, AusAID, Australian Embassy, Beijing

Saturday 6 February 2010, Chinalco.

Monday 15 February 2010, Sunview meeting.

Monday-Wednesday 22-24 March 2010, China International Petroleum and Petrochemical Exhibition, Beijing.

All April to July, Exergy Analysis with BJ colleagues

Sunday-Wednesday 22-25 August 2010 11th Biennial Conference of International Society of Econogical Economics, Bremen, Germany

15-17 September MWR international workshop on cross border water allocation

15-23 October Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia on design of new heat and power plant

29 October BJTV interview

November Assisting Embassy staff on 30 year anniversary of Australia China Economic Development Cooperation

November Draft Final Report on Ulaanbaatar heating and electric power

December  Bader chemistry review

29 December  Conference on Sustainable Development, Beijing Shifan University

January Articles on biosphere in English and Chinese

January Tsinghua Univerity presentation series

February  Ministry of Water Resources workshops

11 March Meeting with Academician Wang Maohua

13-14 March Heilongjiang General Bureau State Farms presentations

16-19 March Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, new heating and electric power plant

21 March Meeting Professor Colin Mackerras

22 March Interviewed by CRI

25 March BNU lectures

7-11 April Water tax Conference, Anhui

16-18 April Kunming Mining Conference

21-22 April Guangdong Waterways Conference

6 May 2011 Presentation on River Basins, College of Water Sciences, Beijing Shifan University

11 May submitted chapter outline to published on The Biosphere.

11 May project planning China Academy of Environmental Planning

20 May Presentation on Water Cycle Modern Scientific Data, College of Water Sciences, Beijing Shifan University

29 May Final Report to Government of Mongolia on energy economics of planned new Power and Heat Plant for Ulaanbaatar.

Present to August 2012, 4 months input to Draft National Guidelines for Eco-compensation in River Basins, China.

Late June 2011, 11 days with Rubicon Water executives in Xinjiang irrigation.

2 September, 2011 Meeting with Prof Ma Zhong, Dean of Environment Faculty, Renmin University on eco-compensation in river basins.

9 September, 2011 Launch of 75 year commemoration of Long March (1934-35) publication project.

22 September, 2011 Submitted chapter for publisher of book titled The Biosphere.

30 September, 2011, published World Environment journal with my article on “Google Earth Economy”

OOPS!  I skipped 6 years -where did that go?  Now 28 October 2017. Just would up as hands-on, on-the-ground Team Leader of Heilongjiang Jiamusi Irrigation and Drainage Modern Agriculture Project.

28 October 2017. Transit Beijing for Du An Yao Zhu County to refresh, research and write.  Upgrade Jiamusi Interim Report, Corn and Rice LCA, reviewer record, ingratiate myself with schools so I can retire there.  And Big Research


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