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When I was 17 in first year college in Armidale, in the bedroom where I boarded, I faced the big question of what I am here for. At that time Albert Schweitzer was held up as a noble role model, yet I know even he had detractors.  It came to me that if God assigned a purpose, detraction was irrelevant.  The next question flooded in – what was God’s purpose for me?  And the answer was there instantaneously in one word:  China.  From then on whenever there was no question.  But no question many times meant I forget the question. But somehow I would scramble back on track.

In my PhD years I came across the line from Weber that for a truth to be truly universal it must be accepted


, “even by a Chinese”.  That drove me.  Now I look at the way Chinese behave with unemotional intrigue.  At the age of 71 the next step is to unfathom the relationship between the human soul (“even Chinese”) and material world.

: https://www.coulterexergy.com/archives/1748

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