We are very complex marvelous robots, all born roughly the same as babies.  We are remotely controlled and there is some soul somewhere that is working with that remote control pad figuring out how to move your parts and how to manage the messages coming into your five kinds of sensors, and after about a year that soul has learnt how to walk you and then the achievements including language come quickly.

We cannot hope to explain the soul

, except there is one with a remote control pad for each human.  We don’t know “where” they are because it is not of the dimensions we understand. They may be inside your brain or heart but probably not.  We don’t know what the soul’s purpose is, if it is a game, or a competition, or some exercise completely beyond our comprehension. It could be a test for that soul to get to some Heaven.

One important feature could be that through the actions of the human (a fancy robot) the values and characteristics of the soul (the operator) become manifest.  Are they a good operator? Can they handle malfunctions? Can they manage conflict with other robots operated by other souls?

An interesting conclusion would be that the human body is just like a remote controlled robot with mechanisms having an average life of 70 years.  The soul has as much affinity to the robot as a kid has to a remote controlled toy.  One day it will be broken beyond repair.  No big deal, the toy is discarded and what happens to the soul would be beyond comprehension or even concern to the toy.

But do we (our consciousness) have a connection to the operator – the soul?  I think we do and I hear people talk about “body, mind and soul” as 3 parts of one person.  The explanation I am guessing is that soul in not just “part”, certainly not just an extra part of our consciousness. If we, our conscious self, as a body (very complex mechanism) and a brain (central processing unit for incoming and outgoing signals) can come to grips with imaging that we are operated by some ethereal soul (not of this world, certainly not visible), then that would explain a lot.

It is almost like us complex robots are now evolving an artificial intelligence that is piecing together the story of our existence.  It is almost like this primitive stirring of realization leads us to have a vested interest in the future of the soul after our physical bodies burn out.  I would like my operator to be successful whatever that means, and hope I can function effectively.

: https://www.coulterexergy.com/archives/1671

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