Imagine a huge floor that stretched as far as the eye could see.  On it are radio controlled cars milling about, partially in chaos, but also with some pattern. Some seem to be following others, forming flows. Others are doing their thing individually, racing, spinning, showing off.  The expanse of activity is too wide to grasp so focusing on one scene is all that can be considered at one time.  It doesn’t make much sense at first but gradually it becomes apparent that some seem to be dancing, coordinated, and others are purposively knocking others.  Fascinating.

But each single car is operated separately by some invisible person, and for them it is not fascinating but a real challenge.   A challenge to see how well they drive and how long they can last.  Because yes each has a battery life.  It doesn’t matter driven hard or slow


, the battery will stop after some very long time.  The real challenge, that most sense and some dismiss, is that how they drive is being watched.  By other’s controlling other cars, yes, but there is an overseer who makes judgement. Critical yes/no judgement.

That’s life.

: https://www.coulterexergy.com/archives/1650

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