I live near Toohey Forest, Brisbane and often walk through there, enjoying nature. There are some city folk take advantage of the natural bushland – we are so lucky to enjoy city and bush.  But yesterday news a man on his bike with his dog reported missing 11 pm when he didnt return home. Searchers found his body today 4 pm, with his dog by his side.  As a virtual neighbor my head spun.Peter Jacobson died 18 March 2016 riding a bike in Toohey Forest I visited his facebook.

Now I understand.

He loved mountain bike riding.

He had just bought Gopro to record riding.

He tried recording a boy racing in the forest.

Was it his son?

His facebook expressed hurt for kids in broken marriage.

He had many posts loving nature.

He supported the mayor building a BMX track

He was a neighbor kind of and I never knew.

Decent guy.

God gives good students an early mark.


: https://www.coulterexergy.com/archives/1641

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