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Yesterday I went to a presentation by a scientist. It was interesting and I am sure contributes to human knowledge and is a positive to mankind.  But what struck me is that to be a good scientist, and be focused and attempt to come close to exactness, the scope must necessarily be limited.  An ordinary person, and also a political leader of a small administrative area, or of a nation, may be oblivious of the details discovered by the scientist.  No leader responsible for guiding a nation could possibly know what scientists in myriad fields know.  If the leader’s background is non-science (and in democracies they are often extremely unscientific – steeped in law, unionism, religion etc) even the pertinent questions may not be realized.  Even advisors and ministers of specialist portfolios cannot get the attention of the decisionmaker if their worldview is not attuned to scientific realism.

It would be equally bad if some hard headed engineer tried to bulldoze through plans of national significance.

The true visionary, striding science and humanity is hard to find. But candidates for the job need empathy across the spectrum.Miceal




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