Challenges & Successes

I gave up regular jobs as

Chief Economist, Department of Mines and Energy, Northern Territory Government, Australia;

Manager,  Trade Secretariat, Premiers Department , Queensland, Government, Australia; and

China Country Manager, Case International Harvester (1995-99),

to conduct my own research on China economy and environment, and to pay my way with short consultancies.

Since 2000 I have lived in China and served World Bank, Asian Development Bank, China National Peoples Congress, BHP Billiton, Yunnan Copper, Lenova, IBM, Caterpillar, Texas Instruments, Tsinghua University, China Ministry of Water Resources, China Ministry of Environmental Protection, China Ministry of Agriculture, China Agricultural University, and Intercedent . 

I only do work I know is a contribution to the community, and I refuse work that may be wrong for some reason.  As a lone researcher for a short time, I can bring fresh ideas to an organization.  Often uncover surprises. 

I like challenges and love success when as the suns sets on my efforts, knowing that we did a good job.

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